So that deep sterek moment was pretty deep to me. Because Derek was literally DREAMING of Stiles. He was dreaming of confiding in Stiles about a nightmare he was having. Not Scott, not Peter, not anyone else. Stiles. Derek who keeps to himself. Derek who was becoming closer with Scott with Stiles but still not to consider “friends”. He dreamed about talking to Stiles alone about something that made him feel uncomfortable. He was dreaming of Stiles in the middle of chaos and gunfire and smoke. He didn’t dream about Scott, or his mother or his sister or Peter. HE DREAMED ABOUT STILES. IF THAT AIN’T DEEP THEN I DON’T KNOW WHAT DEEP IS.

until my brain can properly process the glorious return of kate argent, i’m just gonna focus on derek dreaming about stiles bye

did Allison Argent moved to France? I thought she died?

No, she’s really dead. But France is a much happier thought right?!

t ’ s  o k a y .

lydia had better rip the fucking heart out of the nogitsune and squish it like the goddamn fly i’m sure it is as she whispers “she was my best friend" next week or i’m not going to be responsible for my actions

Nous protegeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se proteger eux meme.